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Chase UK cashback exceptions

Chase UK have entered the UK’s crowded digital banking market, and they have given a few tempting offers to try to attract customers to sign up with them. As the biggest attractive offer, they are giving all Chase UK customers a generous 1% cashback on their debit card spending for 1 year.

This could be a great boost to anyone’s bank balance, so it is certainly a tempting offer. However, bear in mind that not all debit card transactions are eligible for cashback. There are some key payment areas that Chase will not pay the 1% cashback on.

What are the Chase UK cashback exclusions?

The below list lists the areas of payment that will NOT get the 1% cashback. Make sure that you look at the list before deciding to go with getting a Chase UK account and debit card, as if you have large amounts of card spending in these areas, you may be disappointed!

  • Account and prepaid card funding
  • Antique shops, including repairs and restoration
  • Art dealers and galleries
  • Bail and bond payments
  • Bank fees such as product fees, promotional merchandise, financial consultations and loan fees
  • Boat dealers
  • Car and van dealers – new and used sales, services, repairs, parts and leasing
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cheques
  • College and university fees
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Debt repayments
  • Deposits
  • Gambling transactions
  • Government services not classified elsewhere
  • Hospital fees
  • Insurance sales, underwriting and premiums
  • Intra-government purchases
  • Money orders
  • Money transfers
  • MoneySend transactions
  • Motor home, camper and trailer dealers
  • Motorcycle shops and dealers
  • Nursing and personal care facilities
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Precious metals
  • Professional and financial services
  • Real estate agent and management fees
  • Savings bonds
  • Securities — stocks, bonds, commodities and mutual funds
  • Stamp and coin stores
  • Tax payments
  • Timeshares
  • Travellers Cheques and foreign currency

The Chase UK current account and debit card has a wide range of other features that can be attractive to UK banking consumers. Read our full review of Chase UK here.

If you are looking to switch banks, there are many resources available to make this easier. We have detailed these in our current account switching article.

Chase UK cashback exceptions FAQ

How do Chase UK know what the debit card is used for?

Whenever you use your debit card, each transaction is allocated a code, called a Merchant Category Code (MCC). Chase Bank will check this code, and only give cashback on eligible transactions.

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